Partner Colleges and Organizations

We partner with a diverse group of New York City's higher education institutions and leading non-profit, for-profit and government organizations around the world. Find your Watson campus advisor by clicking on a college below. The following organizations provide a sample of current and past internship partners.

Colleges and Campus Advisors

Valeria Hymas
Deputy Director, National and Prestigious Fellowships Advising
[email protected]
(646) 312-2126
Raymond Patton
Director of Educational Partnerships and General Education
[email protected]
Michelle Augustine
Associate Director, Beyond the Bachelors Program
[email protected]
(718) 960-8481
William Offutt
Faculty Advisor of the Pforzheimer Honors College
[email protected]
(212) 346-1697
Konrad Tuchscherer
Associate Provost of External Scholarships & Fellowships
[email protected]
(718) 990-5244