Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible, you must be a second semester freshman or sophomore majoring in a liberal arts discipline and have at least four semesters of full-time academic work remaining after submitting your fellowship application. You must be enrolled and nominated by one of our twelve partner colleges:

  • Brooklyn College
  • Baruch College
  • College of Staten Island
  • Hunter College
  • John Jay College
  • Lehman College
  • LIU Brooklyn
  • Marymount Manhattan College
  • Pace University, Manhattan Campus
  • Queen's College
  • St. Johns University
  • The City College of New York

You must also not be more than 21 years old on March 1 and be an American citizen or green card holder (not on an international student visa).

Please see the Overview page for complete instructions and links to your Watson Advisor.

In general we select students in fields that do not have a professional track because professional tracks tend to have a prescribed path and run counter to the width of Watson, that is, the fellowship's goal to expand a fellow's vision to new possibilities.

This said, if your major is undefined or you are open to having your views challenged about career paths, you should engage your Watson Advisor in a conversation. We have had many successful Watson Fellows across a wide spectrum of majors.

If you transfer to a Watson partner college, there is no problem. If you transfer to a non-partner college, remaining a fellow is not possible. If you are thinking of transferring please make that clear to your Watson Advisor during the application process.

Fellows are not permitted to take classes or to engage in paid employment during the period of the Watson Fellowship.

Watson Fellows are expected to be fully committed to the Watson Fellowship internship, seminars, cultural program, group projects, etc. during the internship period. Vacation or travel should be taken prior to or after the internship period.

Fellows may self-initiate internships in their second and third Watson summer but not in their first summer. All self-initiated internships must be approved by the Watson staff. Fellows must be interested in exploring internship opportunities in a variety of fields rather than expect to have a succession of internships within a narrow band of professional interest.

The Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship is a three year program that provides tremendous opportunities for personal, professional and cultural growth. Fellowship activities are held during the day and occasional evenings, weekdays during the summer, and on some Saturdays throughout the year. A calendar of events is provided to fellows each year. To ensure high standards and consistency of programming, participation in all fellowship programming is required for all fellows except in the case of term time study abroad when fellows are excused from in person participation in the fellowship. Most fellowship activities do not overlap with academic classes and we do our best to avoid such conflicts. 

The Fellowship may not be deferred except in the case of a personal emergency.

After graduation, many fellows begin their careers and work in their chosen field. Other fellows begin graduate school and still others apply to competitive fellowships to enable deeper immersion in a chosen area, gain leadership skills or go abroad. Watson Fellows have gone on to become leaders in many fields.

Yes. If selected as a fellow the Watson staff will provide the relevant information to ensure you can properly file your taxes.