Our Partners

Our partners are a diverse mix of outstanding American colleges and universities. Find your Watson campus advisor by selecting a college below.

Colleges and Campus Advisors

Corey Colwill
Assistant Director of the Center for Co-Curricular Opportunities
[email protected]
Elizabeth Nugent
Assistant Director of Fellowships, Advising and Study Abroad
[email protected]
Stephen Wright
Assistant Dean and Director of Fellowships & Scholarships
[email protected]
Ann Landstrom
Assistant Dean and Director of Global Fellowships and Awards
[email protected]
Jason Chan
Director of Fellowships / Associate Director of Advising and Assessment
[email protected]
(610) 896-2986
Melissa Mandos
Fellowships and Prizes Advisor Co-coordinator, Student Academic Mentoring Program
[email protected]
(610) 328-8363
Stacy Bingham
Associate Dean of the College for Career Education
[email protected]
(845) 437-5285