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June 8, 2020

Inequality and Racial Justice

The little things we do, or fail to do, often speak louder than our loudest intentions. -Thomas J. Watson

The killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the countless Black lives traumatized by inequality must move us to action. At Watson our vision is to develop more humane and effective leaders, but that can only happen when we actively pursue humanity and call out its absence. As every Watson Fellow for over 51 years knows, only deep engagement outside of our own communities forces us to face our own prejudices.

Watson’s first value is Trust and Responsibility; we are accountable to others and ourselves. We stand with the Black community and every advocate fighting for racial justice. And we are committed to our own self-examination to ensure that good intention is matched with action in all of our relationships.

Extended to our fellowship programs, this spring we joined forces with our partners to launch training and internships that support communities who have been pushed to society’s margins. JK Watson Fellows are working with the City of Pittsburgh to address food security in Western Pennsylvania’s disenfranchised neighborhoods, combatting America’s mass incarceration challenge with The Bail Project, building economic recovery solutions in America’s cities with Resilient Cities Catalyst, and spotlighting the hidden figures of the health crisis through a yearlong, global communications campaign with The Aspen Institute. We are dedicated to humane and effective leadership and the many actions required to achieve it.

Sincerely, Chris

Chris Kasabach
Executive Director, Watson

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