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Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship: Welcome Video

Video description: This short video is a promotional snapshot of the Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship experience. It lasts 00:48 seconds, contains no narration, and features photos and text graphics. The soundtrack is bright instrumental music prominently featuring acoustic guitar and violin. For audio narration, click here.

[Editor’s note: Numbers before each entry represent minutes and seconds. Text in square brackets is added description. Text not in brackets is visible written text.

[00:00] [GRAPHIC: A small red compass point moves from the top of the screen to the centerpoint of a large grey Watson “W” logo. The W splits to reveal a graphic map of lower Manhattan, with the compass point positioned at the site of Watson’s office location.] Discover New York.

[00:07] [GRAPHIC: The map of Manhattan transitions to a map of the world, and more red compass points dot different continents.] Discover the World.

[00:11] [GRAPHIC: The map zooms in slightly.] Discover you.

[00:14] [PHOTO: The compass zooms in and begins a photo slideshow. The first photo is a headshot of a fellow with medium dark skin tone and long dark hair wearing glasses and a dress, standing in front of a display of Emmy awards.]

[00:17] [PHOTO: Three fellows, representing a mix of genders and ethnicities, are gathered in an open-space office, all smiling and looking into the camera. One holds a notepad, one sits by a laptop, and one leans against the wall.]

[00:18] [PHOTO: Three fellows, representing a mix of genders and ethnicities, concentrate on a Watson activity, surrounded by colorful post-its on the windows behind them. The fellow in the foreground writes on a piece of paper, and two fellows in the background are constructing a piece of art.]

[00:19] [PHOTO: A Black fellow wearing glasses and a button-down shirt talks and laughs with a group of students sitting gathered in a classroom in Ethiopia.]

[00:21] [PHOTO: A Black fellow poses in sunglasses, a hat, and a teal long-sleeve shirt, kneeling in the foreground in front of a sunny landscape of Mayan ruins and mountains.]

[00:23] [PHOTO: A fellow with medium skin tone and long dark hair reads a story to young children in India.]

[00:25] [PHOTO: A Black fellow smiles with three coworkers in front of a canal in Vietnam. All four are wearing identical red t-shirts emblazoned with the words “Nhiptim Viet Nam Heartbeat Vietnam”.]

[00:26] [PHOTO: A group of 17 fellows, representing a mix of genders and ethnicities, stand smiling with their arms around one another on a rocky overlook after a long hike, standing above a picturesque view of trees and houses on a sunny day.]

[00:27] [PHOTO: A group of 13 fellows, representing a mix of genders and ethnicities, sit clustered together at two tables in a coffee shop, smiling casually at the camera.]

[00:28] [GRAPHIC: White background, text centered.] A lifetime of growth.

[00:30] A lifetime of perspective.

[00:32] A lifetime of confidence.

[00:36] [VIDEO: Red background, with the Watson W logo descending from the top-middle of the screen.] Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship. Three summers of paid internships with leading organizations in the US and around the world, mentorship and community.

End of video.